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Parc de la Villette
The Story

This typographical experimental project explored the form and architecture of the font Jeanne. The geometric and intriguing letterforms were used and applied to the re-branding of a park in Paris, France called Parc de la Villette. This new identity system created complements and reflects the park's modern sculptures and overall design.

The Skillset
  • Logo Design 

  • Identity System 

  • Typography Experimentation

  • Illustration

About this project:

01. Taking Apart the Typeface

For my initial approach, I analyzed the different letterforms and broke them down into simple, abstract shapes. These new forms would then shape and dictate the rest of the designs. Most shapes used in the mockups are made from a combination of these shapes, or inspired by them.  

Take a closer look at the map, at the poster, and even the concept art. 


Plans by Architect Bernard Tschumi

Abstracted Poster inspired by Tschumi's architectural plans 

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