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BraveCenter Identity Design
The Story

BraveCenter focuses on helping start-ups and developing companies start and grow their brand. mission, and story.


With their values of empowerment, collaboration, and conscientious, they began to look for a new identity,

The Skillset
  • Logo Design 

  • Identity System 

  • Color Psychology and Storytelling

About this project:

01. The Logo

The logo consists of a group of dots that form a B and a C, for BraveCenter, with a dot in the middle (meant to represent both a center and a target). The idea is for the viewer to connect the dots and create a network for a bigger picture, which is what a marketing firm focuses on. It provides a sense of interest, and aesthetic, and has a bigger underlying meaning behind it. The dots and the transparent lines create an opportunity to be used in the identity system and create new icons and shapes. 


02. Fonts


03. Colors

Based on color psychology, the color palette tells a story as well. It represents the values of BraveCenter. 

Blue: Trustworthy
Orange: Courageous
Green: Conscientious (accent color)
Brown/White: Neutral

Source: Trust Signals

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