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Coraline: The Musical
The Story

 A modern twist on a classic, dark fantasy-horror film, Coraline: The Musical retells the story of Coraline through the lens of the Black Cat.

Coraline: The Musical was a collaborative Broadway pitch to producers and investors in the entertainment industry. This experimental project's goal was to understand the business of entertainment and all of the factors that come into account. 

The Skillset
  • Product design

  • Market Research

  • Pitching an idea

  • Concept Drawing

  • Advertising Strategies

  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

  • Experience Design

About this project:

01. The Trailer

02. Mood Board and Branding

With branding in mind, we chose colors and visuals that would contrast the two worlds, between both the dark, gloomy, neutral colors– and the bright, neon, saturated colors. We want the audience to constantly switch between fantastical and creepy vibes, a mood that the film portrays very successfully. Which is why, as part of our branding, we chose a font that can be both playful and horror-like. 

Show References:  Hadestown, contrasted by Anastasia. Beetlejuice 


03. Advertising

04. Merchandise

04. Pitch Presentation

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