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Dell Tech World: Interconnected
The Story

Pitched for the 2023 Dell Technologies World, Interconnected takes you on an interactive journey around the world highlighting Dell’s sustainability efforts through a mixed-reality sculpture garden. Animal sculptures made of e-waste and a central interactive globe inspire individuals to take action in their everyday lives and learn about Dell's efforts.


It takes collective action to make a change.

The Skillset
  • Immersive Experiences 

  • Art Installation

  • Idea Pitching 

  • User Flow

About this project:

01. About Dell Technologies World

"Dell Technologies World is a dynamic opportunity to connect with industry leaders, announce new products, build momentum for current ideas and gain visibility in the marketplace." – Dell Technologies

Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 11.19.56 PM.png

02. Moodboard and Textures

This sustainable sculpture garden will be purely made out of recyclable materials from Dell and created by talented local and regional artists. Each section of the sculpture garden will highlight a specific region in which Dell is implementing sustainable efforts in its circular economy. 

03. Surprise and Delight

Because this experience is set in Las Vegas, it could not go without adding the element of show and entertainment! Each day of the conference, the garden will hint to come back at the end of the day for a special performance. The animals will come alive through puppeteers and allow the guests of the conference to be wowed, take pictures, and share the moments on social media, giving Dell even more visibility and brand traction. 

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